What is programmatic and why should you care?

Programmatic advertising is a term used in digital marketing that describes the fast-growing computer-based automated buying, selling, placement, and optimization of digital advertising.

In contrast with traditional media buying, programmatic buying involves the use of software to purchase digital ads in real time. Its auction-based technology ensures efficiency and scale at a reduced advertising cost.


Our programmatic consultants will provide strategy for ad tech stack development, header bidding integrations, wrapper selections, ...
Our ad operations consultants are experts in ad serving technology, ad trafficking, campaign management, reporting, client services, media planning, and much more.
Our yield experts will work to maximize overall performance by implementing optimization and working with vendors to utilize all they have to offer.

Our Google certified paid search and social expert will help develop a cohesive strategy to compliment your programmatic efforts. Allowing for...
Our Sales Director will go to market acting as an extension of your internal sales team. Helping develop and drive a comprehensive sales...
Our analytics experts will provide holistic programmatic insights and reporting across all your media channels (open exchange, programmatic direct, social...)

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