Gen Z white paper

Generation Z — those born between 1995 and present are quickly growing up and becoming the powerhouse consumer.


This generation is giving marketers a run for their money on how they interact with and buy brands.  Marketing to this generation is vastly different but it is very important that brands evolve if they want to stay in the game.


Download our Gen Z white paper to learn what drives shopping behavior in this youngest generation of consumers and how to stay on the top of your game as the times change. 


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The Rise of Voice Technology

Voice technology isn't just a trend. It has become and is growing to be an essential part of people's every day lives.


Alexa, Google and others have become staples in homes all over the country.


With smart speaker sales up and adoption on the rise, what is next for this fast growing market and how will it change the way we advertise in the future?

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The Emerging Trends In Video Advertising

Video advertising has grown to be an essential part of any digital media plan today. The benefits are endless and the results are superior.


User engagement, ad quality and increased revenue no wonder growth and adoption keeps on climbing.


Download our Video White Paper and see if Video is right for you and what strategy to consider. 

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Is Your Business Really Ready to In-House Programmatic?

The efficiency and effectiveness of programmatic media leaves no question as to why it is continuously growing. 


With more and more industry adoption of this technology as a way of buying and selling media, it isn't surprising that publishers and marketers want to stay in control and do it all themselves.


But do you really know what it means to bring programmatic in house? And is it really the right decision for your business?

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